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Leading the way in pension and investment technologies.

From ​start-up to scale-up

Driven by our passion for innovative technology solutions and a vision for addressing cross-industry challenges, Pension Lab has flourished into a thriving business, providing cutting-edge solutions in the financial sector.

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2019 - The launch

Scott Phillips (pictured left), a leader in finance and compliance, developed the idea for Pension Lab and laid the foundations for its growth before being joined by ex-pension investment consultant Sanj Champaneria (pictured right) and seasoned CTO, Michael Doyle.
Their commitment to leveraging technology to tackle real-world problems led to the creation of one of the industry’s inaugural pensions dashboard – successfully obtaining and FCA Authorisation along the way.

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2020 - First major client

We proudly launched the UK’s first commercial pensions dashboard for Smart Pension, positioning ourselves years ahead in a nascent market. Additionally, our commitment to innovation was recognised as we secured a coveted spot in the prestigious Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Accelerator, a testament to our standing in the competitive fintech landscape.

2021 - New services

Our emphasis on pension transfers spurred the creation of automated Letter of Authority (LoA) and pension finder services, designed to operate seamlessly at scale. Steve Goddard, a founding member of The Master Trust Association and an industry luminary, enriches our leadership by joining the Board.

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2022 - Market transforming

Pensions dashboards ignite a transformative shift in the market, presenting pension providers with growth opportunities while also raising concerns about disruptive forces eroding assets. Within these dynamics, emerging themes such as Consumer Duty and pension transfer times come to the forefront, driving interest in our proposition to new levels.

£250 million in transfers submitted

2023 - Landmark achievement

Celebrating a groundbreaking achievement, our system, in support of four major pension providers, safely and swiftly processed £250 million in pension transfers. Welcoming founding members of The Embark Group to our team, including the addition of Neil Hoad to the board, also marks a pivotal moment in our journey.

Enabling end-to-end Pension Transfers

We are pension technicians with expertise in creating and delivering at-scale integrated regulatory solutions for advisers, planners, providers and administrators.

We enable seamless, frictionless and compliant pension transfers through our unique end-end solution. From pension locating right through to automated transfer initiation and processing, we build a complete consolidation journey configured to our customers' needs

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"Through agile application of technology and with an ongoing focus on solutions, The Pension Lab has supported Smart in delivering on a key initiative to optimise the pension consolidation experience"
- Jamie Fiveash, CEO, Smart Pension UK
"As a specialist pension administrator, it is important that we offer a wide range of solutions for pension schemes to consume. The Pension Lab helped us to deliver on this objective through the deployment of a highly effective and frictionless end-to-end consolidation journey, from pension finding through to a robust paper free transfer process"
- Graham Hickling, MD, HS Pensions
"Working with The Pension Lab has enabled us to offer our members a superior pension dashboard and consolidation experience, allowing them to easily track, trace and transfer prior pension pots. We've been impressed with The Pension Labs consistent approach to product improvement and with the results achieved"
- Steve Johnstone, Creative Master Trust
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