Over 80% of employees never log in to look at their workplace pension, and often have no idea of the value that you help to create for them, both now and in the future.

With a minimum of 3% of their salary contributed, it is likely to be the biggest staff benefit you are providing, and all too often flies under the radar.

Our platform, engenders trust, engagement and staff loyalty, demonstrating the contribution you are making to your employees future. In a world where we are moving towards increasing focus on staff ‘wellness’, be ahead of the curve and help your staff to Be Pension Smart;

  1. We provide a site that can be tailored in style to look like your own, which will show your employees their pensions and their contributions.
  2. Your employees can add all of their pensions to our platform so they get a complete 360-degree view of their pension position.
  3. This means employees have a much clearer view of what their workplace pension means for them and helps identify whether they are on track.
  4. The pension score promotes good behaviours and drives value in both directions, as detailed metrics on employee engagement are fed back to the employer.
  5. As employees make extra contributions to get on track, company NIC bills are reduced.
  6. We provide content and updates, branded to your company, to develop the pension literacy of staff members and to help them take action.

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