Our mission is to bring pensions into the 21st century by equipping everyone with the tools needed to take control of their pension saving.

We have all enjoyed dramatic developments in financial technology; we can pay for things from our watch, invest in an ISA with just a few clicks and compare insurance in seconds. What happened to pensions? In what other area of our financial lives could we be paying hundreds of pounds a year in fees and not even know what we’ve been charged?

We see a world where everyone can view their pension values at a click, see what they’ve been charged, how it’s performed, if they are paying enough in. We see a world where there are clever new ways to contribute to pensions, and that people feel engaged.

If you have any feedback about how we are doing, please send it to support@thepensionlab.co.uk, so we can make sure the best tools and content are cooking in our Lab!